The Story of Joey’s Outback.

Founders, Francesca and Michael Friedman have always loved children. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards for the couple to have children when they married so late in life. Both come from families that value close family relationships. They realized that there are many children in need of a strong family life, and so they looked into several organizations that place children in need with good families in Florida. They decided to become certified foster parents with Kids in Distress. Shortly after being licensed, they were called and told that a 13-month old boy needed immediate placement into a foster-to-adopt family. They agreed to foster him, and he immediately won their hearts. Six months later, in May of 2009, they were fortunate enough to adopt him. Francesca and Michael now knew the joy of parenthood with their son,

During the next couple of years, he developed a very sociable, outgoing personality. He enjoyed his play time with his parents, but loved to be with other children as well. The couple took Joey many places to play and learn; but never found anywhere that had everything in one place. .To spend as much time as possible with him during his formative years, they developed the concept of a children’s indoor play ground, party destination and café that would be fun for the whole family.

And so, Joey’s Outback Adventures was born! The 14,000-square foot center opened in February of Z012. The couple created a place where their son (and other children) could get plenty of physical exercise; gaining strength, balance and dexterity along with socialization. With inflatable bounce houses, mazes, obstacle courses, slides, tunnels, soft play, toddler area, kiddie rides, arcade/redemption games, birthday parties, field trips, special events and fundraisers along with a full service cafe serving up all of kid’s favorites, kids have a blast from the first minute to the last! At the same time, the couple wanted to offer comfortable amenities for parents; a lounge with large screen tv’s, comfy leather chairs, massage chairs, and even some exercise equipment, Joey’s Oasis Café serving up sandwiches, salads and beer and wine! There’s something for everyone at Joey’s Outback!

Joey’s Outback Adventures has become a favorite family destination, and has been crowned South Florida Parenting Magazines, Kid’s Crown Winner for several years now! Joey’s has provided tens of thousands of children with hours of fun and fitness, hosted thousands of birthday parties, donated to local schools and children’s organizations; bringing joy to all who walk through their doors and into their ”family”!

They have now franchised Joey’s Outback Adventures and are proud to announce that their first franchise is carrying on the tradition of a family owned business in Jensen Beach, FL. They opened their beautiful 13,000 sq. foot facility on February 4, 2017, just 5 years and 1 clay after the initial Joey’s Outback opened in Wellington! The families of the S0jo’s and Pedraza’s are teachers; who better to know the needs and desires of children and parents!

Visit the Joey’s Outback Families in Wellington and Jensen Beach, where everyone is treated as family!